Month: November 2012

Morning Routine

For some reason wordpress found it important to delete everything I wrote in this post. That’s highly annoying to me. I wrote this whole long nice and silly post and this freakin website deleted it. Cool.

Well, guess I’ll write what I remember.

So how do people become the all too impossible (at least for me) to achieve “morning person” status? I see women walk in with perfectly curled hair and faces full of make up. Yeah it takes me 20-30 minutes to curl my mop and you know what I’d rather be doing with that 20-30? That’s right! Runnning Sleeping! So I end up coming to work with just eye make up, half blow dried hair, and wrinkly pants. Good thing I already have a boyfriend, could you imagine me single?! UGHH! I’d actually have to put effort in how I look! Good God!

So in a world of women who wake up to birds chirping and mice helping them into their work clothes, I peel myself out of bed, bleary eyed and cursing under my breath. I make my morning coffee, jump in the shower, and in 45 minutes I’m out the door. That’s right, it takes me 45 minutes to look this half assed. Impressed? You shouldn’t be!

Sorry this post is more about me and less about running today. I haven’t run since last week. No particular reason, more or less I just wanted to spend more time with Boyfriend. Since we’re both in school we don’t see each other as much as we used to. It was a huge adjustment. I hate it. But he is coming to my apartment to help me deck the halls this weekend and we will put together a ginger bread house and it will be magical. MAGICAL I TELL YOU!

I heard from Girls on the Run. Fingers crossed that it happens. It would be nice!

Happy Trails, here’s to hopefully getting in one run this week. As for next week, P90X is happening. Monday.



Dragging *ss today

Having those few days off last week were glorious! Thanksgiving was lovely. And I’m sad it’s Monday again.

I couldn’t tell you what it was but I could NOT sleep last night. Not for the life of me. I finally fell asleep and my alarm clock went off. Argh. How unfortunate is that? I felt hot and sweaty all night. I had changed into shorts too. I had two cups of chamomile tea before bed. Go figure. So today I am certainly dragging ass. It sucks because I found my P90x dvds and wanted to start today. I’m just too much of a zombie. Oh well, tomorrow. For sure…maybe.

Sorry for the lack of cohesion in this post. I’m so tired…ZZZZZZZ…..BLAHHHH! And I have a paper to write. We were supposed to hand in a draft this past week but me being the procrastination queen didn’t even write it yet. It’s for like 8% of my grade. I’m not sweating that shit. Too tired to care. It’s due tomorrow anyway. Screw it. ::throws caution to wind::

Ok, I’mma go look at Cyber Monday deals. Later.


A short run mixed with a little cross training and another mistake

Just got back from a shorter run than normal. Complete with an enormous hill from the post below. A few times I stopped for some intense stretching. I even got to do some old barre stretches from ballet on a set of stair’s hand railing. And some leaning push ups on a boulder. I even did a different track than normal, through the campus rather than on the actual track. This campus has such beautiful scenery like a pond right in the middle, mountains in the background, and foliage.

The one mistake I made was that I layered up too much. Usually I’m too cold, today I was too hot. Yeah, a fleece with another sweater over it in 50 degree weather was not a smart move. One day I will find that balance. Ok, shower time. Here’s to hoping I didn’t over stretch and wake up tomorrow on Thanksgiving in pain. Cross fingers y’all!


Edit 3:11PM- I forgot to mention: Green day’s Dookie album is excellent to run with. =)

My Sunday Funday

I got to sleep in late. 10:30AM. That’s late to me. lol. I had some coffee and oatmeal and watched Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta. I love that show. Any of the Say Yes to the Dress shows are great. I love to see all the happy women choosing their wedding dresses. They are so happy and excited to start their new lives. It’s adorable. I like seeing other people happy.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning the apartment. I use white distilled vinegar on my kitchen counter tops because it is not a carcinogen like bleach. I use bleach in the bathroom but not in the kitchen. Just my way of feeling better about not ingesting carcinogens. It’s also way better for the environment. Nice.

Ok, sorry I won’t bore you all with my talk of cleaning products. I’m just so happy this place is clean. My table is set for fall and I’m cozy on my couch.

Didn’t run today. I was going to but the cleaning took too much out of me. Just didn’t think I could run on top of everything. Maybe I could have. I didn’t want to push though.

Ughh…more excuses? No, this week I will run at least three times this coming week.