Month: January 2013

Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga

So I did the Biggest Weight Loss Yoga twice this week as a supplement to bootcamp. And CRAP it’s a work out. I’ve done yoga for years. But in the last year or so I haven’t so I’ve lost a lot of flexibility and when I did this yoga, it shows. Not to say I was flailing all over the place, I mean if I had gone to a class I’d still have more poise than most. Sorry for the gloat but yoga’s my jam. I’ve always been naturally pretty good at it! (unlike running -___- ) 

I was sweating and my core muscles were sore for the last two days (I did it again last night) so it’s pretty shocking to me. It’s kinda annoying because I spent a few years getting flexible with yoga and ballet and I feel like I’ve lost it all in the matter of a year. Probably not ONE year. I stopped ballet in 2009 and sporadically went to yoga for the last few years so I guess that’s why. Just sucks because I worked hard the first time.

Anyway, I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and I am feeling it. DAMN I am tired. I am trying to force myself to stay awake while downing cups of coffee. Ughh this sucks. Why did I decide to stay up late during training? What a TERRIBLE idea. 




Biggest Loser Bootcamp: Week 2

So I finished week 2 day 1 of the Biggest Loser Bootcamp dvd and then the Victoria’s Secret booty work out. I gotta say that I feel stronger doing it. The squats didn’t hurt as much and I felt the muscles engaging when they were supposed to. I’m happy and excited to make it to week 3, I haven’t gotten that far yet in this particular dvd and I’ve owned it for a few years. I’m so bad like that. I buy these dvd programs and do the first few days over and over again, never getting beyond. I WILL finish this dvd program. I WILL.

The VS booty work out is insane! It burns instantly! But I got amazing results after just the first week. My mom said she saw a difference. My butt was lifted and not as flat. I have what I lovely call a “wide screen tv ass.” My mom says be glad I don’t have a big fat booty bc the fat sags as you get older. I guess I’d rather just have a sexy rounded booty. And this work out certainly is doing just that!

This weekend was not good on the diet front. It was my birthday on Sunday. I went down to Atlantic City with the boyfriend. Lost mucho denero. And drank A LOT. Oh well. Back on that work out grind. Oh and I went for a short run on Saturday. So that’s good. As the weather has been cold I’ve been working out indoors way more. But it’s probably a good thing that I build up the muscles to run with. I do A TON of squats in the Biggest Loser work out. Thanks Bob Harper! HA.

Train like a Beast to look like a Beauty!



Healthy Tuna Noodle Salad (recipe invented tonight!)


So tonight I decided to create a recipe. Don’t know why, just thought I would. So here’s what I did. Tastes pretty good:


Pasta noodles (I used brown rice penne. Better choice than white pasta)

2.5 teaspoons of Greek yogurt (or more depending on how creamy you like it)

Half a cucumber (I like english cucumbers. No reason really, just do)

Olive Oil

White vinegar (you can use white wine vinegar. I didn’t have any)

One can tuna fish


Trader Joe’s Everyday Spice


Boil noodles on stove top, following directions on package.

Strain pasta and put in bowl. Cover with a drizzle of oil and vinegar. Just a coating will do.

Chop cucumber to any size desired.

Combine cucumbers, tuna, and greek yogurt and mix into the pasta.

Season with Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning and Pepper to taste.

It’s very tasty and open for any kind of personalization.

It’s got a good level of protein too being made with tuna and greek yogurt.

Clean(er) eating and Biggest Loser Bootcamp

Clean(er) eating and Biggest Loser Bootcamp

So today is Day 2 of my cleaner eating lifestyle change. I’m not going 100% all out clean eating but I am cutting down on processed crap. Tonight on my baked potato I used greek yogurt instead of sour cream. It was a pretty good swap. I made tomorrow’s lunch tonight too and replaced the mayonaise in my tuna salad with greek yogurt. I’m not a huge mayo fan anyway. Yeah, it tastes really good, but the thought of pure animal fat entering my body kinda sickens me. I’ve stopped ingesting mayo for years now. I’ve always replaced it with mustard but greek yogurt works too!

I am also on Day 2 of the Biggest Loser Bootcamp dvd. It’s a 6 week program. It’s not as tough as P90x so afterwards I suppliment it with my own stability ball work out AND the Train like an Angel butt work out. WHOA. My booty is SORE! Of all my body parts I think my booty is shaping up fastest. It’ll be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow.


Happy New Year! 2013: The Year of the Runner

Happy New Year everyone! If, like me, you’ve sworn to some New Years Resolutions then let’s get started! I’ve decided to work in more cross train/yoga into my routine and commit to running as often as possible. I’ve watched the scale slowly creep downwards, which is awesome! But, I haven’t been that on top of things—exercise wise anyway. I think I’ve been eating less and I’ve definitely been drinking WAY less alcohol. I’m thinking that has a lot to do with the weight loss.

I’ve been reading a lot about 1/2 marathon training which is what I will be undertaking this year. I’m hoping that in one calendar year I will be ready to do a half marathon in Disney World. Prep time will take me a few months and then real training will probably take place in March.

By the time summer rolls around I hope I will be back in a two piece bathing suit. Don’t know if I’ve harped about this before but this past summer was the first time since high school that I was back in a one piece. That CANNOT happen again. I want my figure back!

So here’s my resolutions. What are yours?