Fitness Friday!


As if you could hear that enough! I love Fridays in my office. It’s so calm and quiet and I can get a lot done without distractions. It’s nice!

So for my Fitness Friday I will be running 6 miles! AHHH!! That’s scary for me. 6 is a big number for me. But as I am in training for a half I figure it’s time. And it’s part of my run plan. I actually didn’t cross train or run yesterday (I was about to but realized I’d miss the beginning of the NFL Draft so I decided on a rest day instead). Glad I did, I don’t think it would have been wise since my calves and glutes are still feeling Wednesday’s kickboxing class (SO MANY SQUATS!).

So my plan is for 6 let’s see if it happens.

xo Liv



    1. Thank you! It was a big number! But I’ve been reading in Runner’s World that you should split the run in thirds in your mind to make it an acomplishable number. I gotta say running 2 miles three times in a row wasn’t mentally draining as 6 would have been!

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