Month: November 2013

Here’s some Monday Motivation!

So today, November 11th is exactly 2 months until my half-marathon! Meaning by this time two months from now I will be a half-marathon finisher. How exciting! That certainly is motivating me to stay on the path. I’m already up to 8 so I only have 5 more miles until I am race ready! Wahooooo!

So I figure since I’ve been learning a lot on my training runs and races I should share it with my readers:

Top 5 Lessons I’ve learned so far:

1. Fueling: You’ve really got to try different forms of fuel to find what works for you. I’ve found that two packets of instant oatmeal and a cup of coffee in the morning is perfect. During your run I like shot blocks. I tried the espresso flavored clifbar GU and hated the flavor. That will throw you off during a race if you’re in shock of a weird taste or texture. Try them, try them, try them!

2. Race day: Give yourself time! Last year at HoBooken 5k I was running super late because I couldn’t find parking. I had to pee so bad but the second I got my bib pinned to my shirt the gun went off. That was the most miserable feeling! Running with a full bladder is PAINFUL! Believe me it is worth it to get there early.

3. Get over your phobias: I’m slightly germphobic. I will wash my hands after touching restaurant menus or money, I hate touching doorknobs, especially in bathrooms. Well when you run races you’re going to have to use port-o-potties. GET OVER IT NOW! That’s what I told myself. There will not be nice bathrooms with fully functional sinks every time. Some times, but more often not. Bummer I know. Pack anti-bacterial lotion if like me you fear the port-o-jons running out of it.

4. Soreness: Sometimes soreness will go away when you run. WEIRD RIGHT?! So after my first 10k I was pretty sore for two days. My supervisor at work, who has run his share of races, told me to do my training as planned. I was so worried that I would further injure myself. After the run I felt great. Soreness gone! Turns out that running or working out will build up lactic acid in your muscles. The soreness comes from that build up. When you run again it gets the lactic acid moving along through the muscles again. Amazing what your body can do, huh?

5. Weather: Train through all kinds of weather! You never know what weather you will have during your race. If you never practice in the rain and your race falls on a rainy day you will have no idea how to cope. I personally know that running in the rain with my glasses on is a pain in the rear! Tomorrow the forecast for North New Jersey is snow…you better believe I’m going out there, even though there is very, very little chance of there being snow in Orlando.

There you have it. Some things I learned during my training, so far.

****Disclaimer I am NOT a doctor or a trainer or coach. I’m just a runner sharing techniques that have worked FOR ME. Please follow any workout advice at your own risk and always consult a doctor before starting a training program.****

xo Liv


The dreaded treadmill

So as I said yesterday I ran 8 miles today. But I did it on the ::dun dun duhhh:: treadmill. Ugh! I know!! The second I stepped outside it started freezing raining on me. Having seen a few weather “sources” on Facebook I’ve concluded that there is a possibility that North NJ might get snow this coming week. And as a runner, I am very unprepared. No underarmour, no running gloves, I don’t even have running specific socks! Aghhhh!! Do I need all this gear or is it just the running industry trying to make another few million dollars. I’m too naive to know!

So anyway, back to my run. I tried the clifbar version of Gu and it was terrible! Not the consistency, which is the number one complaint I’ve heard, the taste. Gross! I had the expresso flavor and it was terrible. It tasted like what I imagine drinking straight out of the bottle of syrup from Starbucks. Except without coffee to dilute it. Awful! So I think I’m all about the shot blocks unless I find a flavor I like.

I got to watch most of Pirates of the Caribbean during my run so that was a plus for the treadmill. I just find myself getting bored on the treadmill. I don’t like the thought of being stuck in one place. Because I live on a college campus I will switch up the location of my run when I’m bored. I’ve even taken my runs to the trails on this campus because they are beautiful, especially this time of the year.

I’m just not looking forward to the weather getting any colder. How do I prevent getting sick? I’m already taking my vitamins and vitamin C. Should I increase my c intake? So much to consider!

xo Liv