I am Olivia, you can call me Liv.

I started this blog because I am NOT a runner. But I want to be! Very, very much. I have problems with motivation and time management. But I think about it all the time. I fantasize about being one of those women who run down the street and people are like “how in the world does she do it?!”

I am also a Graduate student going for my masters degree. And a Graduate Assistant. So my life is busy/crazy/hectic and all other words for frantic (ooo! That’s another good one!).

So this is my blog. Hopefully it will motivate me. Or maybe it will motivate you. If I can do it, so can you!

****Disclaimer I am NOT a doctor or a trainer or coach. Iā€™m just a runner sharing techniques that have worked FOR ME. Please follow any workout advice at your own risk and always consult a doctor before starting a training program.****

xo Liv



  1. Hey liv, I just want to say best of luck I’m 15 and I myself have ran a marathon believe me I was NOT a runner but with a little motivation I started and it’s over before you know it believe me! Just try to stick with your mile marker or pass them.
    Ps. PACE YOURSELF!! You need most of yur energy toward the end

    1. Hi Bryanna,
      Thank you for your comment! Wow, you’ve run a marathon at your young age? You inspire me! I just ran my first half a month ago and will be running my second in April. I hope to move up to a full some time in the next few years. I’m 26 and want to do one before I’m 30. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!!

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