Where did the motivation go?

So right now I am struggling with a loss of motivation. I don’t know about where you live dear reader, but I am in North New Jersey where it has been snowing like crazy! The cold isn’t what bothers me, it’s the ice. I’m so afraid to slip and fall that I don’t want to risk it. I haven’t been to the gym because I despise the treadmill, SO BORING!! I can feel the pounds creeping back and my endurance going down. Sighhh. I have two months until the Nike Women’s Half and I just need to start training!! I’m so crazy. The snow looks like it’s not going any where, I’m guessing it’s time to bite the bullet and use the ol’dreadmill. Le sighhh. 

Need. Motivation. Now.

I can actually see the weight and feel it in the tightness of my clothes. I tried on a few new shirts at the mall the other day and was so disgusted and disappointed in myself I didn’t buy anything. Time to get serious again. 

xo Liv


My first Half Marathon in the books!

Ok, it’s been two weeks since I ran the Disney World Half Marathon (my first ever!) and it’s high time I write a post about it! (I spent the rest of that week in the parks so please forgive my tardiness) It was the end to a long journey for me.

Leaving NJ was a bit of a nightmare. Our plane was delayed for two hours which seriously ruined the day we arrived. I just made it to packet pick-up 10 minutes before they closed. I didn’t get to see the expo (still pretty mad about that). It also meant we had no time to eat so by the time we got to our dinner reservation at Kona Cafe we were ravenous! But everything from the bread to the chocolate-banana creme brulee I had was amazing, I HIGHLY suggest Kona Cafe for all your dining needs. We got back to the room (Coronado Springs, also on my suggested list) and I laid out my run out fit and got settled down for bed since it was going to be an early night.

The morning of the race I woke up at 2AM. YES. 2AM. I enjoyed a cup of coffee and mentally prepared myself for the task ahead. I got dressed and boyfriend and I went out to catch the shuttle bus. The shuttles were very good and on time but as less of a stressor I think next time I do a WDW rundisney event I will stay where I can catch the monorail. We get to the start and it’s mobbed! SO MANY PEOPLE! I was wearing a purple run shirt and a green tutu (pink shorts underneath.) it was my runner’s version of Ariel since I am a red head. They start announcing the different corrals to go to the corrals and wait. The one thing that was a bit annoying was the LONG line for the portopotties but no one can help that and Disney does a great job of having many availble. The walk to the corral is long and a bit creepy. Many men are walking over to the woods to pee, super uncomfortable. I finally find my corral ( i ) and notice that it is jammed with other runners. It was crazy close quarters. I sat down and stretched as good as I could and stood up when Mickey, Goofy, and Donald took the stage. They were so cute! The national anthem was sung and it was time to start the race! I was getting excited. Finally it was my corral’s turn and the fireworks went off! People were already walking and going off course to pee. I was surprised and again, uncomfortable, lol. There was a marching band and lines of people cheering. It was AMAZING! At mile 2 I noticed how it was compared to New Jersey runs at this time. I was already drenched in sweat! There was so much to look at on the course. Cool kites, marching bands, characters, a DJ, awesome chEar squads, and of course the parks. When I finally got to Cinderella’s castle I was so happy and felt that magical feeling again. If you’ve seen the castle in person you know the feeling I mean =) I ran up main street, through tomorrowland, through fantasyland, and through that beloved castle. I cheered as I ran through I was so happy! At about mile 9 is where my IT band/knee started hurting. Lately I can barely go above a 10K without getting this pain (my foam roller has helped though) I had to start walking a lot. It totally put a cramp on my pace and finish time. It was so painful but all I could think about was that finisher’s medal. I WANTED IT. BADLY. I took water at every station (although I probably shouldn’t have, had to take a pitstop!) and powerade at a few too. I took a Cliff GU when they gave it even though I’m not a huge fan GU, except they gave me vanilla and it tasted like frosting. Might have to investigate more flavors in the future. The flavor that turned me off was esspresso. As we entered Epcot I felt tears welling in my eyes. I was tired and my leg hurt so bad. I kept thinking “I’m close, I’m close!!” Finally, the finish was insight and so was coach Mickey!! I blew him a kiss and he blew one back and I gave him a high five! I did not hug him because I was sweating and afraid I’d knock him over, I’d have felt really bad (not to mention embarrassed! lol). I crossed the finish line cheering and shouting! I saw boyfriend in the crowd, he looked so proud of me, he was smiling ear to ear! I found the medals and saw a sign for ice in the self-care area. They wrapped my knee with ice and it felt amazing! I stopped for a picture and my food box and went looking for boyfriend. Found him and never felt happier to get hugged.

I would highly reccommend to anyone trying to run that distance to sign up for a rundisney event! I personally don’t think it’s worth it to fly to Disney World for anything smaller than the half. If you live in the area or are doing multiple races it makes sense but I wouldn’t go there from New Jersey for 3.1 or 6.2. You can find closer races at that distance for cheaper.

So that was my experience. How was yours at that disntance? Or at a Rundisney event?

xo Liv


Here’s some Monday Motivation!

So today, November 11th is exactly 2 months until my half-marathon! Meaning by this time two months from now I will be a half-marathon finisher. How exciting! That certainly is motivating me to stay on the path. I’m already up to 8 so I only have 5 more miles until I am race ready! Wahooooo!

So I figure since I’ve been learning a lot on my training runs and races I should share it with my readers:

Top 5 Lessons I’ve learned so far:

1. Fueling: You’ve really got to try different forms of fuel to find what works for you. I’ve found that two packets of instant oatmeal and a cup of coffee in the morning is perfect. During your run I like shot blocks. I tried the espresso flavored clifbar GU and hated the flavor. That will throw you off during a race if you’re in shock of a weird taste or texture. Try them, try them, try them!

2. Race day: Give yourself time! Last year at HoBooken 5k I was running super late because I couldn’t find parking. I had to pee so bad but the second I got my bib pinned to my shirt the gun went off. That was the most miserable feeling! Running with a full bladder is PAINFUL! Believe me it is worth it to get there early.

3. Get over your phobias: I’m slightly germphobic. I will wash my hands after touching restaurant menus or money, I hate touching doorknobs, especially in bathrooms. Well when you run races you’re going to have to use port-o-potties. GET OVER IT NOW! That’s what I told myself. There will not be nice bathrooms with fully functional sinks every time. Some times, but more often not. Bummer I know. Pack anti-bacterial lotion if like me you fear the port-o-jons running out of it.

4. Soreness: Sometimes soreness will go away when you run. WEIRD RIGHT?! So after my first 10k I was pretty sore for two days. My supervisor at work, who has run his share of races, told me to do my training as planned. I was so worried that I would further injure myself. After the run I felt great. Soreness gone! Turns out that running or working out will build up lactic acid in your muscles. The soreness comes from that build up. When you run again it gets the lactic acid moving along through the muscles again. Amazing what your body can do, huh?

5. Weather: Train through all kinds of weather! You never know what weather you will have during your race. If you never practice in the rain and your race falls on a rainy day you will have no idea how to cope. I personally know that running in the rain with my glasses on is a pain in the rear! Tomorrow the forecast for North New Jersey is snow…you better believe I’m going out there, even though there is very, very little chance of there being snow in Orlando.

There you have it. Some things I learned during my training, so far.

****Disclaimer I am NOT a doctor or a trainer or coach. I’m just a runner sharing techniques that have worked FOR ME. Please follow any workout advice at your own risk and always consult a doctor before starting a training program.****

xo Liv

The dreaded treadmill

So as I said yesterday I ran 8 miles today. But I did it on the ::dun dun duhhh:: treadmill. Ugh! I know!! The second I stepped outside it started freezing raining on me. Having seen a few weather “sources” on Facebook I’ve concluded that there is a possibility that North NJ might get snow this coming week. And as a runner, I am very unprepared. No underarmour, no running gloves, I don’t even have running specific socks! Aghhhh!! Do I need all this gear or is it just the running industry trying to make another few million dollars. I’m too naive to know!

So anyway, back to my run. I tried the clifbar version of Gu and it was terrible! Not the consistency, which is the number one complaint I’ve heard, the taste. Gross! I had the expresso flavor and it was terrible. It tasted like what I imagine drinking straight out of the bottle of syrup from Starbucks. Except without coffee to dilute it. Awful! So I think I’m all about the shot blocks unless I find a flavor I like.

I got to watch most of Pirates of the Caribbean during my run so that was a plus for the treadmill. I just find myself getting bored on the treadmill. I don’t like the thought of being stuck in one place. Because I live on a college campus I will switch up the location of my run when I’m bored. I’ve even taken my runs to the trails on this campus because they are beautiful, especially this time of the year.

I’m just not looking forward to the weather getting any colder. How do I prevent getting sick? I’m already taking my vitamins and vitamin C. Should I increase my c intake? So much to consider!

xo Liv


Hiatus over! Training in progress!

Hey readers!

If I have any left ::crickets::

So I haven’t posted since April. My B. Seriously.

So I am in the full swing of my training for the Disney World Half Marathon in January! I started the first week of September and have been consistent since. There were many false starts for me from April until September. I didn’t run AT ALL in August. I thought all was lost! To date I’ve run two 5ks and my first 10k. For anyone who has read my previous posts the 5ks I ran were the same ones I did last year. The Mahwah 5k and the HoBooken 5k. I PR’d in the Mahwah. I ran nearly 7 minutes faster than I had last year! That was a proud moment for me. The 10k supplied me with the results I could email to Rundisney to change my corral placement. That was an awesome moment. I ran sub-12:00 for the Paramus 10k and barely walked it at all. I also got to practice my fueling strategy. I used two shot blocks by Clifbar. I was thrown off by the consistency because I was expecting a jelly bean like consistency but they melted the second they got in my mouth. Not 100% sure I liked the black cherry flavor but they got the job done. I will probably use them moving forward but I also have to try the gel before I make up my mind.

Here’s my results so far:

Mahwah 5K- 34:46.19 Pace- 11:11 (PR)

Terri Roemer Paramus 10k- 1:12:49.17 Pace- 11:43

HoBooken 5K- 36:53.90 Pace- 11:52

So it looks like sub-12:00 is my race pace. Although I must say I think I would have finished a lot faster at HoBooken if A.) I had fueled better (I was STARVING by the last mile) and B.) Had the race not been so crowed. It was the most crowded race I’d ever run so far. I also wore a costume but it was comfortable and didn’t get in the way. Any way I was not bummed by Hobooken because I finished a heck of a lot faster than I did last year. I can feel myself getting more fit. I can run for longer than ever before. I’m proud of my training so far.

Boyfriend and I paid off our Disney trip for the race. I’m so excited! We’ll be there for my birthday and you better believe I will be at Magic Kingdom for my birthday. I’m super excited for the race and trip!

That’s all for now. More posts from now on. Pinky swear!

xo Liv

Fitness Friday!


As if you could hear that enough! I love Fridays in my office. It’s so calm and quiet and I can get a lot done without distractions. It’s nice!

So for my Fitness Friday I will be running 6 miles! AHHH!! That’s scary for me. 6 is a big number for me. But as I am in training for a half I figure it’s time. And it’s part of my run plan. I actually didn’t cross train or run yesterday (I was about to but realized I’d miss the beginning of the NFL Draft so I decided on a rest day instead). Glad I did, I don’t think it would have been wise since my calves and glutes are still feeling Wednesday’s kickboxing class (SO MANY SQUATS!).

So my plan is for 6 let’s see if it happens.

xo Liv