Hiatus over! Training in progress!

Hey readers!

If I have any left ::crickets::

So I haven’t posted since April. My B. Seriously.

So I am in the full swing of my training for the Disney World Half Marathon in January! I started the first week of September and have been consistent since. There were many false starts for me from April until September. I didn’t runΒ AT ALL in August. I thought all was lost! To date I’ve run two 5ks and my first 10k. For anyone who has read my previous posts the 5ks I ran were the same ones I did last year. The Mahwah 5k and the HoBooken 5k. I PR’d in the Mahwah. I ran nearly 7 minutes faster than I had last year! That was a proud moment for me. The 10k supplied me with the results I could email to Rundisney to change my corral placement. That was an awesome moment. I ran sub-12:00 for the Paramus 10k and barely walked it at all. I also got to practice my fueling strategy. I used two shot blocks by Clifbar. I was thrown off by the consistency because I was expecting a jelly bean like consistency but they melted the second they got in my mouth. Not 100% sure I liked the black cherry flavor but they got the job done. I will probably use them moving forward but I also have to try the gel before I make up my mind.

Here’s my results so far:

Mahwah 5K- 34:46.19 Pace- 11:11 (PR)

Terri Roemer Paramus 10k- 1:12:49.17 Pace-Β 11:43

HoBooken 5K- 36:53.90 Pace- 11:52

So it looks like sub-12:00 is my race pace. Although I must say I think I would have finished a lot faster at HoBooken if A.) I had fueled better (I was STARVING by the last mile) and B.) Had the race not been so crowed. It was the most crowded race I’d ever run so far. I also wore a costume but it was comfortable and didn’t get in the way. Any way I was not bummed by Hobooken because I finished a heck of a lot faster than I did last year. I can feel myself getting more fit. I can run for longer than ever before. I’m proud of my training so far.

Boyfriend and I paid off our Disney trip for the race. I’m so excited! We’ll be there for my birthday and you better believe I will be at Magic Kingdom for my birthday. I’m super excited for the race and trip!

That’s all for now. More posts from now on. Pinky swear!

xo Liv


HoBooken 5k- costumes, my mistakes, and the girl in the green pants.

Finished strong. Looking like a strawberry.

I think my thighs hate me….

Ok, just got back from the Hoboken “HoBooken” 5k. I’m not happy with how it went. Here’s why.

So in my first 5k I felt sick after one mile. This time I made the mistake of drinking coffee. Ugh. I had to pee SO BAD and I hadn’t even hit the first mile yet. I had to take time and stop in a port o potty. Eww. Thank goodness I had purell with me. But seriously with every step I ran I thought I was going to pee myself. The coffee was great though. It woke me up and made me do a heck of a lot better than my first 5k. It’s just the bladder thing.

My second mistake was getting there so late. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been to Hoboken NJ but parking is a premium. I was there 45 minutes before start but I had to loop all the way around and walk half the 3.1 miles to get there. They ran out of medium shirts. So I have an XL. Great, not sure what I can do with that. Ughhh.

My third mistake was not bringing anyone or checking my bag. I ran with it on my back. It’s one of those draw string bags so it wasn’t heavy but it was a nuisance when I ran. Ughhh…

So if it weren’t for that crap I am convinced my time would have been so much better than last time, because I felt better than last time. Especially the pit stop I had to make. Oh well. Next time.

I gotta say I enjoyed this run. Everyone was wearing costume…except me. Note to self: wear a freaking costume next year!

I kept pace with this girl in neon green pants. I’m not sure why I chose her but I was obsessed with keeping up with her and those bright freakin’ pants. Maybe because she was so bright. She was wearing a neon pink top too. You know colors to garish together that the 80’s would run screaming but look completely normal in the context of running. I’m not knocking her at all. I loved the color combo. I wish neon and neon was more socially acceptable. But we runners are a different breed. We like to wear neon because it’s fun….oh and we don’t die when motorists can see us.

I’m also happy to say I ran through Eli Manning’s neighborhood. Any Giants fan knows Eli lives in Hoboken. I mean too bad I’m sure he’s in Dallas, TX practicing for tomorrow’s game against the Cowboys. I think that’s where the game is this week. I don’t think they’re playing at Metlife…anyway, I digress. ELI FLIPPIN’ MANNING lives there! I looked up at all the expensive, water view condos trying to guess which one was his. I’ll never get to know. But oh well. Just knowing I was there….I’m so lame! lol

Today I feel like calling myself a runner. I feel accomplished…but a little disappointed. Like I said earlier NEXT TIME. Maybe I’ll sign up for a Turkey trot. Who doesn’t want to run 3.1 miles in the early morning hours of Thanksgiving….ummm…this girl. Especially if I go out Thanksgiving eve…we’ll see.

Ok, my shower is screaming my name. Or maybe that’s my nose…any way, it’s shower time.

Happy Trails,


HoBooken 5k Eve- talk yourself into it…

Tomorrow is HoBooken. I am SO tempted to chump out. “But I already paid $27,” I keep telling myself. I want that damn tee shirt as well. Ughh what will it hurt for me to get my ass up in the morning and go to Hoboken for this 5K. Nothing. I just feel lazy.

Stop whining.

This is what I want. Besides over 1,500 people signed up! I took a spot from someone who would be dedicated enough to go and do it. Okay. I’ve made up my mind. I’m going.