Terri Roemer Paramus 10k

Hiatus over! Training in progress!

Hey readers!

If I have any left ::crickets::

So I haven’t posted since April. My B. Seriously.

So I am in the full swing of my training for the Disney World Half Marathon in January! I started the first week of September and have been consistent since. There were many false starts for me from April until September. I didn’t runΒ AT ALL in August. I thought all was lost! To date I’ve run two 5ks and my first 10k. For anyone who has read my previous posts the 5ks I ran were the same ones I did last year. The Mahwah 5k and the HoBooken 5k. I PR’d in the Mahwah. I ran nearly 7 minutes faster than I had last year! That was a proud moment for me. The 10k supplied me with the results I could email to Rundisney to change my corral placement. That was an awesome moment. I ran sub-12:00 for the Paramus 10k and barely walked it at all. I also got to practice my fueling strategy. I used two shot blocks by Clifbar. I was thrown off by the consistency because I was expecting a jelly bean like consistency but they melted the second they got in my mouth. Not 100% sure I liked the black cherry flavor but they got the job done. I will probably use them moving forward but I also have to try the gel before I make up my mind.

Here’s my results so far:

Mahwah 5K- 34:46.19 Pace- 11:11 (PR)

Terri Roemer Paramus 10k- 1:12:49.17 Pace-Β 11:43

HoBooken 5K- 36:53.90 Pace- 11:52

So it looks like sub-12:00 is my race pace. Although I must say I think I would have finished a lot faster at HoBooken if A.) I had fueled better (I was STARVING by the last mile) and B.) Had the race not been so crowed. It was the most crowded race I’d ever run so far. I also wore a costume but it was comfortable and didn’t get in the way. Any way I was not bummed by Hobooken because I finished a heck of a lot faster than I did last year. I can feel myself getting more fit. I can run for longer than ever before. I’m proud of my training so far.

Boyfriend and I paid off our Disney trip for the race. I’m so excited! We’ll be there for my birthday and you better believe I will be at Magic Kingdom for my birthday. I’m super excited for the race and trip!

That’s all for now. More posts from now on. Pinky swear!

xo Liv