weight loss

Where did the motivation go?

So right now I am struggling with a loss of motivation. I don’t know about where you live dear reader, but I am in North New Jersey where it has been snowing like crazy! The cold isn’t what bothers me, it’s the ice. I’m so afraid to slip and fall that I don’t want to risk it. I haven’t been to the gym because I despise the treadmill, SO BORING!! I can feel the pounds creeping back and my endurance going down. Sighhh. I have two months until the Nike Women’s Half and I just need to start training!! I’m so crazy. The snow looks like it’s not going any where, I’m guessing it’s time to bite the bullet and use the ol’dreadmill. Le sighhh.ย 

Need. Motivation. Now.

I can actually see the weight and feel it in the tightness of my clothes. I tried on a few new shirts at the mall the other day and was so disgusted and disappointed in myself I didn’t buy anything. Time to get serious again.ย 

xo Liv


Went for the run…the paper, almost done!

I did as I said I would. I made a cup of tea, wrote a page, and went for that run. It was chilly! Like nose flowing like a faucet chilly! I must be dressing wrong because my entire body was freezing for a good hour after that run. A nice hot shower got me back to where I normally am, temperature wise. But it’s looking like Wednesdays and Fridays are great days for me to run. But I may be moving my runs inside soon…it’s just getting too cold and I am already enough of a baby!

The paper I am writing is nearly complete. I have until 5PM…or 4PM to submit it on moodle tomorrow. Ah, the life ofย a grad student!

I was looking at pictures of myself from a few years ago and really noticed a weight difference. It’s almost depressing. I have no reason either! I haven’t had a child and I cook with much less butter than my mother does. It must be the beer and wine. I drink a hell of a lot more than I ever have. My eating habits have never been fantastic but seriously, I drink a lot now…as compared to before I went away to school. Maybe I should cut that down for a while. I can’t believe I just typed those words. But, they are pretty true. =(

Oh and I also discovered that running with books on tape is not that motivating. I LOVE Harry Potter but listening to it while running does nothing for me. the second I skipped over to music I was motivated. So even though I am a huge nerd, books and running just don’t mix for me.